Corporate Services

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is one of the largest offshore financial centers in the world. With almost 300 international banks in the country and a geographically ideal location, The Bahamas makes business interesting for international and local businessmen. There are two types of limited liability companies (Regular Bahamian Companies and International Business Companies) which can be utilized for a great variety of business and personal property needs of our clients. Our Corporate Department is happy to assist you with the following:

Incorporation and Dissolutions of Bahamian Companies

Incorporation and Liquidations of International Business Companies

Establishing Foundations and Incorporation of Non-profit Companies

Restoration of Companies and /or Continuation of Companies from other jurisdictions

Provision of Registered Office and Registered Agent

Provision of Corporate Secretary and Nominee Shareholders

Drafting and filing of Annual General Meetings and Resolutions

Obtaining Certificates from The Registrar General’s Companies’ Department

Company Searches

Assistance in setting up bank accounts

Assistance in making application to the Ministry of Finance for various licenses if so required

Applying for and obtaining first business licenses

Ensuring your company file is always up to date and you are informed of any and all changes in company law effecting your company

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