Intellectual Property & Trademarks

Holowesko Pyfrom Fletcher supports its clients in all aspects of Intellectual Property, which are governed by the Trade Marks Act 1906 and by the Industrial Property Act 1965.

Our firm handles a full range of legal and professional Intellectual Property services, which include searches, investigations, preparation, filing applications, mergers, assignments, renewals, oppositions, maintenance, enforcement and protection of Trademarks, Design Copyrights and Patents.

With the globalization of potential markets and the continued expansion of the Internet marketplace, more and more businesses recognize that their corporate and product names, logos and slogans are essential for communicating product value, establishing a solid reputation and building brand loyalty.

Trademarks, Design Copyrights and Patents are amongst the most valuable Intellectual Property assets for traditional, brand-driven, consumer product companies. Therefore, it is essential to develop sound, smart strategies to manage and protect innovative products.

In this very dynamic and growing area of law, our firm has had strategic exposure and experience that preserve and protect our client’s Intellectual Property rights, thus allowing us to offer quality counsel.

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