Property Law and Conveyancing

The Firm has extensive experience representing parties in the sale and purchase of real estate whether it be residential, condominium, commercial or undeveloped land for building or development purposes.

We can assist in negotiating the terms of purchase, review and advise on the Sale Purchase Agreement, conduct title reviews and attend to the processing and recording of title documents.

We are experienced in the representation of developers of condominiums and subdivisions. We also specialize in financed real estate transactions involving commercial banks and other mortgage lenders.

Holowesko Pyfrom Fletcher has built a strong reputation as one of the country’s finest conveyancing law firms. Those unfamiliar with property transactions in The Bahamas may be surprised to know there is no property registration system. This means purchasing a property in The Bahamas requires an attorney who is highly skilled in reviewing property title, resolving encumbrances, liens or other interests which may affect title, and drafting intricate and technical deeds to transfer the title.

Additionally, our experienced team has an in-depth knowledge of contract law and Bahamian tax law, we are able to navigate the Exchange Control regulations depending on the currency of the transaction, Central Bank of The Bahamas permits or certificates and depending on specific circumstances of the parties, stamping and recording the deeds and other details that arise.

With over 100 years of combined experience in transaction property law, our partners and associates can secure property for you and future generations to come

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